Quick start


The minimal components to get started with Memri are a Pod and a Flutter front-end

1/3 Setup your Pod

Connect to https://dev.pod.memri.io during front-end setup
$ git clone -b prod https://gitlab.memri.io/memri/pod.git && cd pod
$ docker-compose up --build

2/3 Setup your flutter front-end

Install Flutter SDK on mac, windows or linux

$ flutter run -d chrome --profile

3/3 Connect your front-end and Pod

With both Pod and front-end running, we can now connect the two. if you as using a self-hosted pod, press Switch to developer mode on the landing page of the app. Now, press Create new Account, which creates a new account in the Pod, and links your front-end and account. With your pod and front-end connected, you are ready to start building models,

Start importing your data