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Live-edit your UI

The memri app uses a .cvu files, CVU is short for “Cascading Views”, to display your data in the UI. Writing CVU feels like modern UI programming for mobile or desktop, but it can be written from within the memri app using an embedded ace editor and requires no recompilation for UI changes to be applied. This makes CVU a perfect candidate for pluggable apps.

See it in action

In the Memri app, many tabs haves a code >_ button in the top right. Clicking this button will open the CVU editor for that particular tab, which allows you to edit how that tab is rendering the data in your local database.

You can compose your UI using standard building blocks like VStacks, HStacks, Text and Buttons similar to how for instance SwiftUI and Flutter do this. The big difference however, is that you dont need to recompile your app for the changes to apply. This also removes the need for setting up editors and configurations, just update your CVU, and your app will apply the new UI.

If you want to learn more about how to build apps using cvu, check out the cvu documentation