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We have an open, accessible, and friendly community. Please come and ask your questions in the Memri Server at Discord. For more information you can visit our Developers site or contact us at

How to get involved?

Understand and improve


Play around with the memri infrastructure and let us know what you think about it!

Bug reporting

Go to our Gitlab and create an issue for any bug/problem you may encounter.

Help the

Writing tutorials

If you’re experienced in Memri infrastructure and want to help others in the community, you can create your own tutorials and share them with the community.


Soon we’ll be needing some work in translating the documentation and client interfaces to different languages. Stay tuned!

Extend the infrastructure

There are other ways to get involved by extending the functionalities of our ecosystem. You’re welcome to contribute on any of the projects under development!

Read our tutorials on:

Active Projects

Memri is a large project and we are thrilled to have contributors with very diverse skills.

Below is a table with our currently available projects to contribute to, along with the skills needed and links to their documentation.

Project Skills Docs Repo
Pod backend Rust + anything?? The Pod
iOS application Swift + ??? iOS Client
pyintegrators python + something else? pyintegrators

Community guidelines

Join the discussion at Memri’s Discord Server.

Make sure to have a look at our contributing policy.


Visit our FAQ section at

Reah out to the community at our Discord Server

Or contact us at