Memri / Client / Web client

Web client

This is the repository for Memri’s browser-application: web client and developer playground.

Local build/run

You’ll need Npm for easy installation.

Clone the browser-application repository and install:

$ git clone
$ cd browser-application
$ npm install

To start webpack dev server run:

$ npm run start
In your web browser open localhost:9000/app.html for the Memri app.

If pod does not allow connection, you may need to use --disable-web-security flag for chrome (Note, this flag is applied only if --user-data-dir=someDir is provided as well)

CVU Editor (playground)

Memri’s web client (browser-application) comes with an integrated CVU Editor for writing & testing CVU definitions. You can start writing your code and your custom CVU definition will be rendered on the app simulator every time you save changes.

In your web browser open localhost:9000 for the app + CVU Editor (playground).
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