Memri / Client


The client is the interface that you use to access the information on your pod. It is basically a data browser in which you can sort, search, and navigate through your data. Currently we have a web client and an iOS/macOS client app.

Your data is encrypted during all the various stages of its use. Access to a Pod is protected by the personal key of its owner. Only a client with the correct key can access the data in the Pod.

The client uses CVU language (c-view or Cascading Views) for defining the interfaces in the app, which you can customize in the CVU Editor to maximize the usefulness of your data and its resulting knowledge, or you can create your own interface for a specific use. It is an easy to use language that combines the best of HTML and CSS. Check out the tutorials on customizing the UI.

Get involved in creating new CVU interfaces

Check out our tutorial on Co-creating the interface you spend your life in!