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About Memri


Memri has data privacy written into its DNA. We don’t have private keys to your data — and wherever you run the pod, the hoster is not able to read the data from disk or while it is being transferred. All our code open source under the Memri Privacy Preserving License. It prevents us, as well as anyone else, from taking data from users and selling it, or using it for any other non-disclosed purposes.

Check out our Privacy & Securty Statement to learn more.

Open Source

Memri constitution repo

Memri is open source under the Memri Privacy Preserving License (MPPL) which is based on the Mozilla Public License (MPL) with an added privacy clause. Join us in discussing the license and check out our thoughts behind the license here.


Memri constitution repo

In our constitution you can find our policies and other agreements we make regarding the way we do thinks, our products and the way we do things. .

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