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Action Arguments names and types Description
back loads the previous view in the current session
addDataItem template:DataItem add an item based on a template
openView view:View arguments:ViewArguments opens a new view based on a literal view definition
openViewByName name:String viewArguments:ViewArguments opens a view by name
toggleEditMode toggles edit mode in the renderer/editor in the current view
toggleFilterPanel shows and hides the filter panel
star toggles the starred property on the current or a selection of data items
showStarred filters the current view to show only the elements that are starred
showContextPane show the context pane
showNavigation show the main navigation
share (not implemented yet)
duplicate duplicate the current data item
schedule (not implemented yet)
addToList name:String (not implemented yet)
delete delete the current or selection of data items
setRenderer name:Renderer change the renderer that is displaying the content
select select one or more data items (not implemented)
selectAll select all data items (not implemented)
unselectAll unselect all data items (not implemented)
openLabelView (not implemented)
showSessionSwitcher show the session switcher
forward load the next view in the current session
forwardToFront load the topmost view in the current session
backAsSession load the previous view in a new session (copies the history)
openSession session:Session loads a new session based on a literal session definition
openSessionByName name:String loads a new session by name
addSelectionToList (not implemented)
closePopup closes a subview that is opened in a popup
noop does not execute an action (can be used as a placeholder while working on a view)