Memri is a secure, powerful & extensible personal-data environment that empowers you to take full control over your data.

With Memri you can store your data (social media, emails, notes, photos and more) in a secure, encrypted environment, apply powerful AI & machine learning to it and access it through a fully customizable interface.

code Open source

storage Self-hosting ready

admin_panel_settings Privacy-by-design

dashboard_customize Fully customizable

Keep in mind this is an early release. Check out our roadmap for more details


We are building a future where you have control over your personal data, interconnection empowers you, and privacy and security are self-evident.A world where the incentives of technology are aligned with the users.


Because your data is interconnected, you can do things that would be impossible otherwise. You can merge your facebook, apple and email address books into one. You can show emails, whatsapp messages and SMS messages in one inbox. You can browse through previous experience by just clicking through the data. And much more..

Privacy & Security

Memri has data privacy written into its DNA. We don’t have private keys to your data — and wherever you run the pod, the hoster is not able to read the data from disk or while it is being transferred. All our code open source under the Memri Privacy Preserving License. It prevents us, as well as anyone else, from taking data from users and selling it, or using it for any other non-disclosed purposes.


You can use plugins to apply AI & machine learning to the data in the Pod, and you can specify the complete interface through which the user interacts with the data in the Client, using our memry-browser. This puts you in control over what kind of data you want to see, when to see it, and how you interact with it, all with good defaults that allow you to focus on the things that matter.

Where to go from here?

This documentation tries to be a top-down explanation of what memri is.

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